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Life is a B*****

Struggling with #depression and #anxiety makes life unbearable somedays. Then when you want to seek help you either have to travel 30 minutes to an hour or if you can find the access online to find someone to talk to you have to be able to pay out the butt for services. How are you supposed to get help if you can't afford it? How are you supposed to get help if you can't physically drive somewhere consistently for it to matter to see someone in person? Struggling with these diseases makes life so hard to just function and then when you have pressure from outside sources as to what is right and what is wrong to do with your life makes it harder. Add being a single mom who is struggling with dealing with the split from the man you've spent 12 years with and have two kids with just adds to the chaos in your brain. #Writing about my #struggles with these #mental #illnesses is not easy to do but if someone else is struggling with the same issues and can find someone to confide in or feel like they can share how they deal with these themselves then maybe we can all help each other. Starting a #blog has not been easy especially trying to find the right things to #write about. This is definitely a bare all post and I hope that maybe it reaches someone else who might be having the same problems and it helps to show them (and myself) we are not #alone in our troubles.

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