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Trying to find your niche with photography

Photography has been a new #hobby (along with countless others that I can't seem to make successful ๐Ÿ™„) that I have taken up trying to find something that just fits. Trying to find the right camera, the right topic to photograph, the right editing tools, how to edit them, did I edit them to much and the list goes on and on and on. One thing I know for sure that I love to #photograph are #landscapes, #old #vintage #signs, #western scenes (#horses, #cattle, #cowboys, etc.), #families. It's so discouraging when you find something you like and you can't seem to get it off the ground or how to share it with others and for them to see how much you enjoy it as well. #Photography is so easy especially when you have 2 crazy, beautiful girls running around the house. Every one does it though and trying to find a way to stand out among the crowd can be hard as well. Finding that one thing or things that make you unique among your competitors has continued to be that one mountain that I can't seem to get over. Every time I seem to be able to get to the top and onto the other side something comes up whether that is self-doubt or non-interest by others it always seems to derail me. The photo below is an example of the types of #photographs I'd really like to get into. To capture that #western lifestyle, the #rough and #rustic #rawness of the #animals that are a part of it. To even dive into the landscape of the #farm country I live in in #Nebraska as I've had a chance and continue to want to capture the #ruggedness of the #mountains near my #hometown in #Wyoming. My #love for finding those perfect moments and capturing them, those fleeting moments, saving them in time so that you can keep them forever makes my want to continue to pursue photography at the top of my list.

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