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Howdy all, being new to the whole #blogging thing finding a starting place seems to be the hardest part. My name is Morgan, I am a #singlemom of 2 beautiful little girls and trying to figure out how to do this on my own has been a challenge. We have gone through so many ups and downs in the last year and a half not including all the Covid-19 nonsense. My little family and I just recently moved to #Wyoming and trying to find a job here has been a struggle. I have worked in the education industry as a paraprofessional in Nebraska where I moved from for almost 6 years. That really isn't where my calling is, so moving to Wyoming gives me that ability to have a fresh start and try something I have always wanted. My goal and dream is to start a #horse #boarding and #training facility here in my hometown. I am also working on getting my home based business of customized #epoxytumblers, shirts & #koozies as well as looking at adding #crocheted blankets in all sizes and scrap #fabricwreaths for every occasion/holiday with wooden cutout accents. Also taking up amateur #photography cuz well why not! On top of all of that I am a #fulltimestudent at Oregon State University through their E-campus. I wasn't sure how blogging would go and I'm still not but why not add another spinning plate to my already crazy life 🤪. I decided to start this blog to give me an outlet, to share my triumphs and struggles and to maybe find other #moms or people out there trying to make something of themselves. I know as a mom I have struggled since the birth of my eldest to find myself again. I love being a #mother, but I forgot who Morgan is. So stick with me and see where life goes, hey maybe we'll even become #friends along the way!

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